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The Brave gives you the process to grow in confidence and achieve your goals in a like-minded community

Accountability, ideas and a peer group of advisors to level up personally and professionally.



I know my health needs to improve to be fully alive. My health matters and I'm ready to change. My loved ones need my best self


I'm overwhelmed and wondering how I'll make it all work. I need more confidence toward my goals.  How do I grow? 


Relationships can be complicated. But I know I need to have some tough conversations and consistently invest in what matters

Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt 

Has fear or doubt ever held you back from opportunities?

Have you ever lacked the confidence to take action toward a goal?

Would more confidence be beneficial to accomplishing more in your life? 

Are you ready for a proven system to become more fully alive?

If you answered "YES" to any of those questions then you're in the right place!

You're In The Right Place

Let's be honest - we've all faced fears or uncertainties in one way or another. 

Perhaps you're wondering how to overcome financial hurdles in your business or personal budget. Is fear of the unknown causing inaction?

What about the people in your life? Maybe you're like many with relationship issues that can paralyze you. What’s the cost of inaction

Like most, maybe you’ve doubted your ability to commit to a healthy lifestyle in a consistent way?

Tired of going in circles?

Here’s the way up, the way out! 

What happens if you keep on going about this in the same way?  

More disappointment? More lost opportunities? More relationships in jeopardy? 

Will you bang your head against the wall hoping it will be different this time - only to realize you’re stuck, again? 

Will you stay in isolation, hiding behind your own tendencies that have kept you there for too long? 

You have been given one life, is this the way you want to live it?

It's Not Your Fault

No one is born with confidence.

The people we love the most were supposed to instill confidence in us at a young age. 

For most of us, that didn’t happen the way it should have. Maybe they didn’t know how, maybe they were struggling with fears of their own

It’s not your fault. It’s time to stop beating yourself up and time to start deciding what to do about it. 

What would it look like if you actually faced those fears

If you overcame doubt and built the confidence to finally thrive in all areas of your life?

What would that version of yourself be able to accomplish? 

Dream about that for a minute.  Feels nice, right? 

Perhaps you’ll finally pursue that dream job or business opportunity you know you’re capable of.

Maybe your relationships will heal and begin to thrive - all because you finally were brave enough to start taking action. 

What if you really did get into your ideal shape and had the best health and nutrition of your life?  How much would that satisfaction be worth to you?  

Growth and taking action isn’t easy.

...especially in isolation

...or without accountability and a proven system for success.

We Know, We’ve Been In Your Shoes...

Michael McGreevy Here...

I was shackled by fear and anxiety for over a decade of my life. My grades, musical potential, athletic ability, relationships and future plans were all a shadow of what they could’ve been. 

While everyone around me seemed to be enjoying life, making money and thriving; I was just trying to survive each day. My fear was so debilitating at one point, I didn’t want to live anymore.

One awful day, I saw a friend fall two stories to his death on a construction site. The memory of seeing his friend’s parents' pain in the hospital will never leave my mind. It rocked me to my core. It sent me in a downward emotional spiral. I was frozen by fear and anxiety. I couldn’t find the strength or confidence to face life or to do anything I wanted to do. But...that is not the end of the story

Today I have a thriving relationship with my beautiful wife, we have 3 amazing children and I have a successful executive coaching practice. I now go toe to toe with high powered CEO’s and business leaders on a daily basis. 

I never would have imagined this was possible. Me? The coward who intentionally avoided social situations because I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to say? The guy who always took the safe route because I was afraid to fail? The scared boy in a man’s body who didn’t have the self-respect to take care of my health? Yes, that guy. 

Good news - you can become brave too. It’s possible to face your fears, to build unshakable confidence and to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. I’m living proof and Chris and I are going to show you how.


Chris Niemeyer's Story

Although things may have looked pretty good from the outside early on - high school valedictorian, early business success and more - I was quietly afraid to stand up for myself and stop living for the applause of others

A pivotal moment in my life took the form of challenging the status quo...only to be thrust into a national story, news conferences, an ongoing lawsuit (making its way up to the Supreme Court) and more. Through overcoming my fears I learned to embrace speaking up for myself and building the confidence to take charge of my life

In another season, I remember driving up the interstate one evening reflecting on the crazy speed of life I was living. I broke down in tears and had to pull over. All the pressure, the unrealistic expectations I put on myself and the weight of trying to live someone else’s dream became crushing.  That night, I looked my fears in the face, embraced a new path and decided to build confidence to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey.  

Later, my wife and growing family decided to not let the fear of the unknown hold us back from adventure and purpose. We moved to a new state - sight unseen!  Then, years later, we decided to move across the country to live in more alignment with our dreams and goals - even when it seemed to not make sense to others. Overcoming doubts - and doubters - CAN be done if you want to seize a life of adventure and fulfillment

I decided to give up a great, promising career for the unknown of entrepreneurship 14 years ago - and haven’t looked back!  Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) can creep in at times. But I keep coming back to the confidence process Michael and I have worked on to put the FUD in proper perspective and push through barriers - and YOU can too!

What Others Are Saying

“Alright.” you may be thinking. “So you were able to do this, good for you."

"But what about me and my situation? You don’t know what’s going on or how tough of a position I’m in.”

Michael and Chris have each taken many clients through this process of transformation in several areas of life.

Don’t take our word for it - hear from some of our clients who had amazing breakthroughs:

"Chris has coached me over the past 8 months through a number of things both personally and professionally, including a big promotion at work. The breakthroughs in my mindset and light-bulb moments have been really helpful for me. I've worked with a number of paid coaches and to date Chris, is by far the best I've had. He listens and asks a lot of great thought provoking questions."

Jordan Peterson
Director, Ritz Carlton

"I give Michael McGreevy the highest possible recommendation as a coach. Michael helped me identify and obliterate significant long time hurdles in my personal and professional life so I could move forward with confidence and hope. For that, I am extremely grateful."

Tim Baron
Artist & Entrepreneur

"Chris Niemeyer is a man of utmost integrity. He lives out 100% what he teaches. What I admire most about Chris is his ability to connect with people and help them find their vision and separate out the components that hold them back from success."

Ken Carfagno
Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

"I give my full recommendation and endorsement for Michael McGreevy. He helped me identify areas of containment that could be shattered. He helped me step out in boldness and be the leader that God created me to be. What was the result? I received the biggest commission check I have ever received in my career. My success was a direct reflection of hiring Michael as my coach."

Jason DePoy
Associate Vice President of Sales, Princeton Review

Ready To Become Brave & Take Action Together?

You see, most of us - really, ALL of us - go through battles with fear and doubt.

But once you have a proven process, experienced guides and a like-minded community to support you, you’ll be able to tackle all kinds of challenges again and again. 

That’s why, for a limited time, Michael and Chris are opening up a small group who are ready to take action, grow together and have breakthroughs in their life

Confidence is not a personality trait. Confident growth is a skill that anyone can develop - it must be practiced. 

Imagine what moving past negative mindsets will do for your finances, your health, and your relationships.

Join The Brave: 8 C's To Confidence

8-wk Course & Mastermind



Beginning October 5, 2020

8-weeks of live Mastermind group Zoom calls ($3500 value)

30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call ($500 value)

8 C’s to Confidence Quick-start Formula ($999 value) 

"Discover Your Identity" Online Course ($297 value)

FUD Factor Framework ($197 value)

"Becoming SMARTER" System ($197 value) 

Accountability Action Plan ($197 value)

TOTAL Value:




On-Demand Course + Community Membership



8 On-Demand video modules of Becoming Brave ($999 value) 

8 C’s to Confidence Quick-start Formula ($999 value) 

"Discover Your Identity" Online Course ($297 value) 

FUD Factor Framework ($197 value) 

"Becoming SMARTER" System ($197 value) 

Accountability Action Plan ($197 value) 

2x Monthly Like-Minded Membership Calls ($2000 value)

Private Ongoing Membership Messaging (priceless) 

TOTAL Value:


$197 course + $350/mo 


The Time Is Now

Take action in community. Fear is a liar. 

You CAN do this. 

Imagine not having to worry about finances...being in the best shape of your life...and enjoying relationships that were fulfilling. 

All because YOU learned the right way to be confident in all areas of life with a trusted group of advisors

If you were brutally honest, what is the real reason you don’t have what you want in your life, business, health, relationships or finances? 

Would more clarity and leveling up with others help you get more of what you need? 

That's what we deliver.  Fortune favors the bold, join us on this journey! 

Join Becoming Brave: 8 C's To Confidence

8-wk Course & Mastermind



Beginning October 5, 2020

8-weeks of live Mastermind group Zoom calls ($3500 value)

30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call ($500 value)

8 C’s to Confidence Quick-start Formula ($999 value) 

"Discover Your Identity" Online Course ($297 value)

FUD Factor Framework ($197 value)

"Becoming SMARTER" System ($197 value) 

Accountability Action Plan ($197 value)

TOTAL Value:




On-Demand Course + Community Membership



8 On-Demand video modules of Becoming Brave ($999 value) 

8 C’s to Confidence Quick-start Formula ($999 value) 

"Discover Your Identity" Online Course ($297 value) 

FUD Factor Framework ($197 value) 

"Becoming SMARTER" System ($197 value) 

Accountability Action Plan ($197 value) 

2x Monthly Like-Minded Membership Calls ($2000 value)

Private Ongoing Membership Messaging (priceless) 

TOTAL Value:


$197 course + $350/mo 



Join a like-minded community of action-takers, fear-crushers, confidence-makers, goal-getters & dream-chasers!


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